Lonely Thoughts

After a busy morning meeting two new clients, I took a break for lunch. Feeling particularly alone, I found myself visiting my daughter Julie’s bedroom, and I had to laugh at myself. This is the same behavior I exhibited with some regularity last year after Jeff left home for college. Julie has been gone just a month, and though my work schedule is quite full, the loneliness thickens with each passing day. It’s beginning to envelop me like a slow moving marine layer coming in off the ocean.

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Meet Me in St. Louis

I’m so excited to have arrived in St. Louis, and I’m looking forward to all that awaits me here.

Mom always taught my brother and me to give back. These lessons made an impression on my life, and through Mom’s example, I have made philanthropy part of my life’s philosophy and mission.

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Preparing for an Adventure

I’m making preparations to head to St. Louis this week. I’m honoring my mother, Georgia Frontiere, by promoting her book, Horoscope: The Astrology Murders.

You’ve been following the novel’s main character, Dr. Kelly Elizabeth York, on this blog. My mother always had a fascination for astrology and psychology, and I imagine she had an opportunity to explore these two fields throughDr. York’s character.

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Intro to Lucia

This blog has been a joy to write. I am so grateful for my readers, and I truly love sharing my day-to-day experiences, astrological predictions, and inner thoughts with you. I have found great relief and inner calm from posting my weekly journal entries.

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55 Blog Post 32 Final – Revised

My Empty Nest

Jeff has been in Los Angeles since mid-August. School started August 25th and we have been Skyping as often as he will permit. USC is on a semester schedule, so Jeff’s school starts more than a month before Julie’s. Last year—his freshman year—I flew out with Jeff. I stayed in a hotel downtown, bought him linens for his dorm room, and took him and his roommate out to dinner. I miss him, but I know he’s happy and settling into his sophomore year.

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