Lucia blog 10.13.14 final

The great aspect about returning to St. Louis is that everyone has a different memory or story about my mom and her larger-than-life personality.

I had a chance to talk with FOX 2’s John Pertzborn on Thursday morning. And, of all things, he found a vintage Coca-Cola tray with a pretty blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl on it drinking a soda.

“Is this your mother?”

I laughed. And said yes.

On Friday, at radio station KTRS-550, I chatted with McGraw Milhaven and Erin O’Neill Hayes about how Mom was always working on this book. Each time I go back and reread parts of it, I see a new side of my mom. I think Dr. Kelly York was a character created from parts of my mother’s life—after all, the protagonist had two children: a boy and girl, just like Chip and me.

While Mom wrote this mystery, she also left a series of mysteries for Dr. Kelly York to solve. Part of my next literary adventure will be tying all the plot lines together for the next installment of the Horoscope series.

Of course, it’s impossible to be here and not think of the Rams. In St. Louis this past weekend, the franchise commemorated the team’s 1999 Super Bowl XXXIV win with an event known as Greatest Show on Turf. This was such a highlight of my life and my mother’s life. I had the chance to share Horoscope with Coach Dick Vermeil and other staff and players from that season. Coach even gave a special shout-out to my mom and our family.

I’ll have more Rams-related moments to share. Tonight I’ll be on the field just before Monday Night Football to talk about Mom and the book’s partnership with Safe Connections.

Stay tuned!



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