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The stars aligned for my mom’s book launch Wednesday.

I was so honored to be with those who knew Mom and to be able to use this special time to help people in need through our partnership with Safe Connections.

As I wondered what to say to the crowd Wednesday night at independently owned STLBooks, I was flooded with fantastic memories of Mom, who had so many talents and passions. She was always writing, and she would recite her poetry during dinner. And after dinner, she sang! She loved to give people more than they expected, so for those that knew her well, this book might not have been too much of a surprise.

My brother, Chip, and I always knew about the “mystery novel” Mom was plotting. And even when she wasn’t talking about it, she was scribbling her thoughts about Dr. Kelly York on cocktail napkins or sticky notes—and carrying them all around in a large plastic box that never left her side for long. When we found that box with the handwritten first draft of Horoscope, Chip and I knew we had to see the project through to completion on her behalf.

My grandmother “Nana” and my Mom set such a wonderful example for me and my family on the importance of philanthropy and giving back to the community. Safe Connections is not only a wonderful organization, but I think it would be dear to Mom’s heart. She and Nana—who was an entrepreneur well before women entrepreneurs were widely accepted—were both strong, independent women. I know that they would be so happy to help victims of domestic violence—of which 90 percent are women—get back on their feet.

I also know Mom would have enjoyed herself at this party!

We’ve got more exciting stops on the way this week. Stay tuned!



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