4-22 (55) HOROSCOPE Cover

Who Wants to Kill Kelly York?

Dr. Kelly Elizabeth York has spent her life helping people solve their problems. A celebrity astrologer and psychologist with a devoted following, she now finds herself in the unlikely and terrifying position of helping the police and the FBI determine the identity of a serial killer—who just may be targeting her. No matter how careful she is, Kelly knows that she will have to confront darkness, an energy so black it will challenge everything she believes in.

Until now, Kelly has lived a comfortable, fulfilling life in her Upper West Side brownstone, with her housekeeper, Emma, and her loyal Siberian husky, King, by her side. Yet when four beautiful young women are found murdered, astrological signs carved into their thighs, she is drawn into a mystery whose clues may lead back to an astrological reading gone terribly awry.

Surrounding Kelly is a kaleidoscopic cast of characters, including an obsessed police detective who will do almost anything to track down the killer, a best friend reeling from the loss of her lover, and an ex-husband and a flirtatious photographer, both of whom may not be above suspicion. In the finest suspense tradition, Horoscope keeps us on the edge of our seats while it draws us into the lives of people whose fortunes seem inextricably linked.