“I was quickly caught up in the suspense of Horoscope. The characters are well-crafted and compellingly real. It’s a fun murder mystery. A great read!”

—Sela Ward, actress and author of Homesick


“A psychological mystery unlike anything I’ve read before, Horoscope: The Astrology Murders is an intriguing, suspenseful page-turner that grabs you immediately and keeps you on the edge of your seat. A must-read.”

—Bradley Bell, executive producer/head writer of The Bold and the Beautiful


Horoscope is a supremely effective, pulse-pounding tale. The story is intricately woven, quick paced, and never short on suspense!”

—Howard Deutch, director of True Blood, American Horror Story, and Pretty in Pink


“In the best tradition of Hammett’s Sam Spade and Chandler’s Phillip Marlowe, Kelly York proves that investigative skills are not always what they appear to be in Georgia Frontiere’s thrilling tome Horoscope: The Astrology Murders.”

—Robert L. Stein, producer of The Call


“Frontiere grabs you immediately with her lucid prose and engaging style. Kelly York is a flawed but beautiful character whose dedication to helping people through the use of astrology, psychology, and wisdom is deeply touching and affecting. Horoscope is truly out of this world. A must-read.”

—David Assael, writer/producer (Northern Exposure, St. Elsewhere, Picket Fences, Star Trek: the Next Generation, Evan’s Crime)


“The story hooked me from the very start. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next as Kelly York gets more and more deeply involved in a murder case that draws her out of her comfortable existence and into a dangerous mystery.”

—Andrew Tennenbaum, President, Flashpoint Entertainment, and producer (The Bourne Identity and Water for Elephants)


“Frontiere has created a thoroughly believable character, and we know it’s only a matter of time before we enter her nightmare. An absorbing read.”

—Phyllis Naylor, best-selling author of Shiloh, Faces in the Water, and Jade Green


Horoscope grabs your attention and keeps it. Better check your sign before reading this one!”

—Dylan Ratigan, best-selling author of Greedy Bastards and Sustainability Entrepreneur


“A real page-turner. I was totally engrossed in the mystery and captivated by the characters. Dr. Kelly York is the new leading lady of mystery thrillers.”

—Robert Levy, producer and partner, Tapestry Films (Wedding Crashers, Serendipity, the Mary-Kate and Ashley series)


“Frontiere has created an intelligent, sympathetic, and compelling character in Kelly York. I can hardly wait to read the Kelly York mysteries to come.”

—Sara Risher, CEO, Chick Flicks Productions, and former Chair of Production, New Line Cinema


“The Da Vinci Code meets Rear Window. Like Robert Langdon unravels mysteries utilizing a fascinating expertise, symbology, Kelly York solves crimes with an equally intriguing specialty, astrology. And just as Jimmy Stewart’s character faces thrills and murder while unable to leave his apartment, Kelly York encounters a killer and an ingenious whodunnit as she’s confined to her Manhattan brownstone. This exciting combo of Dan Brown and Alfred Hitchcock made Georgia Frontiere’s novel one of the most exciting reads I’ve had in a long time.”

—Michael Davis, writer/director/artist (Shoot ’em Up, Eight Days a Week)


Horoscope is an exceptionally well-written and engrossing thriller. The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page.”

—Chris McGurk, Chairman and CEO, Cinedigm; former President, Walt Disney Motion Pictures; and former President, Universal Pictures


“Frontiere has penned a mystery thriller worthy of the best Agatha Christie novel, and she clearly has a Hitchcockian instinct for relentless suspense. Horoscope will have your mind racing and your heart pumping! I can’t wait to go on Kelly York’s next adventure!”

—Steve Bratter, filmmaker (Demolition Man), host of Talking Movies, and author of The Bratter Breakdown


“A taut psychological thriller, Horoscope, combines the best of literary fiction with heart-pounding suspense. With its compelling characters and rich, multilayered plot, Horoscope is mystery writing at its best.”

—Lori Andrews, author of the Alexandra Blake mysteries (Sequence, The Silent Assassin, and Immunity)


“With its intriguing use of astrology as a repeating element and the touching backstory about its author, with an engaging and sympathetic heroine and its bonus supply of FBI lore, Horoscope is an absorbing and most satisfying read.”

—Jamie Wolf, Vice President, PEN Center USA


“A great read. Total page-turner with characters that pop off the page and a plot that keeps you guessing.”

—Richard Arlook, producer/manager (Turn It Up, Rodham)


“James Patterson, watch out—here comes Georgia Frontiere’s Horoscope. Enjoy this book. You won’t be able to put it down.”

—Richard Krevolin, best-selling author of Screenwriting from the Soul and King Levine


“A true page-turner. Kelly York is a terrific heroine—vulnerable, intelligent, and in real trouble. The combination of astrology and psychology is quite a twosome.”

—Julian Schlossberg, theatrical producer (Bullets over Broadway, Sly Fox)


“I loved this book! A page-turner and a great mystery. Kelly York is a great character!”

—Andrew Jenks, best-selling author of My Adventures as a Young Filmmaker, filmmaker (World of Jenks, The Zen of Bobby V)


“Who knew that Georgia could write such a powerful thriller?”

—John Shaw, former President, St. Louis Rams


Horoscope had me sitting on the edge of my seat from the first chapter throughout the entire read. A powerfully exciting storyline that’s impossible to put down. Bravo!”

—Vicki Escarra, CEO, Opportunity International, and former CEO, Feeding America


Horoscope is fast-paced, colorful, and compelling . . . just like Georgia herself.”

—Sandy Tung, filmmaker (Across the Tracks, Saving Shiloh)


“From the first chapter, Horoscope captivates with its original characters and clever plots twists. I couldn’t put it down. I kept wishing it wouldn’t end.”

—Bruce Taylor, writer/producer (The Brave One, The Equalizer)


“Georgia Frontiere’s creation of the character Kelly York is inventive and unique. Frontiere’s mastery lies in her incredible attention to details. I look forward to seeing Kelly York in a movie or television series based on this enjoyable and well-crafted read. “

—Carl Borack, producer (Shiloh, The Big Fix, Bienvenue à Cannes); US Olympian and former Captain, US fencing team


Horoscope is not simply a compelling mystery but so much more. It is visceral, original, intelligent storytelling in the tradition of great contemporary mystery writers from John le Carré to Dan Brown; I actually did not want to put it down.”

—Arthur Joseph, best-selling author of Vocal Leadership, creator of Vocal Awareness, and motivational speaker/educator