55 Blog Post 31 Final

A Much-Needed Break

I haven’t been sleeping well the past few days. I’ve had a dozen last minute-appointments and rushed natal charts since many of my clients are going on vacation or are in NYC for only a limited time. I am very lucky to have a growing client base, but the extra work has taken a toll on my sleep.

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55 Blog Post 30 Final

Old Classmates

One of my dear friends from NYU has written a book on the psychology behind relational bliss. Thrilled to spend an evening with my peers, I rescheduled my last appointment so I could be in time for an early afternoon book release party in Hell’s Kitchen. Judging by the amount of public and press at the event, the book release was a great success.

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55 Blog Post 29 final


Julie and I had a lot of fun helping Sarah with her outfit and makeup for a friend’s weekday wedding. Sarah’s old friend Jill asked her to be a witness at the courthouse. The wedding was very spur of the moment. Sarah found out about the engagement and ceremony only about 72 hours in advance, as did most of the other guests. From what I have gathered, Jill is a spontaneous, free-spirited person who is full of surprises.

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55 Blog Post 28 final

People Watching

The cloud-filled afternoon was well spent at the Columbus Ave. farmers’ market on Columbus and 79th, just across the way from the Natural History Museum. Alone, with no other plans for the day, I searched for the perfect cherry tomatoes, butter lettuce, and purple plums, and I even found a handmade beeswax candle with a cheerful Capricorn goat engraved in the glass—Julie will love it!

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55 Blog Post 27 Final 9-15-14

Play Ball!

Although we have always preferred football to baseball, Jeff insisted we go on an “adventure,” as he put it, to the South Bronx to see the Yankees play the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. He assured me that it would be a “thrilling game” and that “summer is really not summer until you go to a baseball game.”

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55 Blog Post 25 Final 9-10-14


Spending an entire day at the Museum of Modern Art ignites my creativity. The MoMA is home to some of the most famous modern art pieces in history, from Andy Warhol’s Gold Marilyn Monroe to Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. The massive building is always filled with tourists. I usually take the morning train, bring a good book, and lounge in the garden by the giant rose sculpture,  waiting for the crowd to disperse so I can marvel at the creative genius in semisolitude.

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55 Blog Post 24 Final 9-8-14

Boxes from the Attic

I just spent a few hours today with a Capricorn moon like myself. Although our sun signs differ, it’s impossible not to see the similarities in our personalities due to our ambitious moon. My client is a single woman in her late thirties who’s concerned that her passion for working long hours is delaying marriage and children. I dreaded sharing her moon chart with her. Capricorns are often too ambitious. They will likely sacrifice their personal lives for status, material wealth, and a demanding career. The celestial truth is evident. 

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55 Blog Post 23 Final 9-5-14

Thoughts of Traveling

This week has been less chaotic than expected. All my clients seem to be out of town or on vacation, and I’m enjoying the calm. I did have an interesting client stop by the other day. He urgently needed a detailed monthly horoscope and his charts read before an extended trip to India. As a professional videographer, he was about to start working on a controversial documentary, and he felt the need to prepare himself mentally, physically, and astrologically for the journey. When I found out that the stars did not recommend his traveling this month, I felt uneasy sharing the news with him over the phone. But he seemed as if he knew this information was coming, and he received it with an open mind. He has since postponed his trip. I am impressed by his acceptance and understanding. He will be traveling at the end of the month instead, after the new moon, which according to the stars and planets should be a safe, rewarding time to travel.

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blog post 9-4-14

A Day Out

Emma and I have always enjoyed strolling through Central Park together, often with King pulling ahead, sniffing everything in sight. One of the many perks of living on the Upper West Side is the proximity to Manhattan’s massive recreation area. This afternoon, we grabbed some smooth custard ice cream and took a long walk through…

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