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Julie and I had a lot of fun helping Sarah with her outfit and makeup for a friend’s weekday wedding. Sarah’s old friend Jill asked her to be a witness at the courthouse. The wedding was very spur of the moment. Sarah found out about the engagement and ceremony only about 72 hours in advance, as did most of the other guests. From what I have gathered, Jill is a spontaneous, free-spirited person who is full of surprises.

Jill mentioned that Kevin, Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, might attend the ceremony. Sarah and Kevin had met while attending college at Julliard and had broken up when Kevin’s career as an opera singer took off. Sarah rejected Kevin’s marriage proposal and stayed in NYC to pursue her musical career because she simply did not want to be “just a wife who used to play the violin.” I respect Sarah for her drive, but I have observed her loneliness and sadness since the breakup. Sarah was looking forward to seeing Kevin again.

I insisted on loaning Sarah one of my favorite dresses—an ocean-blue knee-length cotton dress with cap sleeves and a deep V-neck. Julie colored Sarah’s eyelids with plum shadow to compliment her hazel eyes, curled her long eyelashes, and applied a light coat of peach blush. Sarah looked beautiful. I took a few photos to send to Sarah’s mother, Rose.

Julie and I played a few games of cards and went to bed early. The next morning we found out that Kevin didn’t make it to the ceremony after all; he is currently on tour in Germany. I told Sarah that this meeting wasn’t in the stars and assured her that she will see him again soon. She was clearly upset, but chose to distract herself by organizing some neglected file cabinets in her office.

How do you manage your expectations?

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