55 Blog Post 24 Final 9-8-14

I just spent a few hours today with a Capricorn moon like myself. Although our sun signs differ, it’s impossible not to see the similarities in our personalities due to our ambitious moon. My client is a single woman in her late thirties who’s concerned that her passion for working long hours is delaying marriage and children. I dreaded sharing her moon chart with her. Capricorns are often too ambitious. They will likely sacrifice their personal lives for status, material wealth, and a demanding career. The celestial truth is evident. 

After my client left, I made myself an afternoon coffee and ascended the ladder to my attic. Looking through the old boxes strategically stacked in the brownstone’s attic brings me comfort. I can’t recall how many times I’ve pulled out these boxes of Jeff and Julie’s old toys, my yearbooks, and Irene’s beautiful clothes.

I’ve always felt comfortable in a cable-knit sweater, jeans and a T-shirt, but my late grandmother Irene taught me elegance. Her blouses were all made of silk. After she died, I hunted for beautiful vintage silk blouses of my own as homage to Grandma. I adore the green silk blouse I found at a thrift store with Sarah; although it wasn’t my grandmother’s, I somehow feel closer to her when I wear it. Grandma would have adored the mossy color. Grandma was the one who encouraged me to use barrettes in my hair instead of rubber bands—I wear her bronze and vintage silver ones almost every day. I love how I dress because Grandma taught me to cherish beautiful things and enjoy wearing them.

What special items do you love to wear?

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