55 Blog Post 25 Final 9-10-14

Spending an entire day at the Museum of Modern Art ignites my creativity. The MoMA is home to some of the most famous modern art pieces in history, from Andy Warhol’s Gold Marilyn Monroe to Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. The massive building is always filled with tourists. I usually take the morning train, bring a good book, and lounge in the garden by the giant rose sculpture,  waiting for the crowd to disperse so I can marvel at the creative genius in semisolitude.

I love going to the MoMA on my own. Modern art is certainly open to interpretation, and the psychologist in me loves to question what the artist was thinking when he or she made that stroke or built that chair. As a Pisces, I have a limitless imagination and a mind for the abstract.

I spent most of my day exploring the musuem. With only a few minutes left before closing, I rushed to the gift shop and bought Meow a squeaky mouse toy. I always feel a burst of creative energy after visiting the museum, so I planned to write as soon as I got home.

Meow loves her new toy.Watching her roll onto her back and bounce the mouse on her outstreched paws was a treat. After all the excitement, Meow is now nestled by my feet as I type away at my computer. Her steady purring encourages me to keep writing.

What inspires you?

Image courtesy of Dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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