55 Blog Post 23 Final 9-5-14

Thoughts of Traveling

This week has been less chaotic than expected. All my clients seem to be out of town or on vacation, and I’m enjoying the calm. I did have an interesting client stop by the other day. He urgently needed a detailed monthly horoscope and his charts read before an extended trip to India. As a professional videographer, he was about to start working on a controversial documentary, and he felt the need to prepare himself mentally, physically, and astrologically for the journey. When I found out that the stars did not recommend his traveling this month, I felt uneasy sharing the news with him over the phone. But he seemed as if he knew this information was coming, and he received it with an open mind. He has since postponed his trip. I am impressed by his acceptance and understanding. He will be traveling at the end of the month instead, after the new moon, which according to the stars and planets should be a safe, rewarding time to travel.

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