55 Blog Post 27 Final 9-15-14

Although we have always preferred football to baseball, Jeff insisted we go on an “adventure,” as he put it, to the South Bronx to see the Yankees play the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. He assured me that it would be a “thrilling game” and that “summer is really not summer until you go to a baseball game.”

We had a wonderful time, despite all the additional innings. We even managed to stay until the end of the game and see the Yankees beat the odds by winning. We ate hotdogs and shared a beer, which we haven’t done since Jeff turned 21.

Spending the whole day with my son was a pleasure. Jeff opened up to me about his job and his lack of interest in pharmaceutical sales. I wasn’t the least bit surprised by his disinterest. Jeff needs to work in a field where he can make a difference and help people. I was surprised to hear that Jeff missed home while he was at school in California. I always thought that he forgot about home the second he stepped on the plane. On our way home we picked up pizza for dinner and then watched an action movie together.

What do you like to do on your day off?

Image courtesy of Gualberto107 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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