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My Natal Chart

I had a lovely weekend. After a long afternoon basking in the sunshine with my dear friend Michelle, I stopped by a new café on 3rd Avenue and grazed on a salad of butter lettuce and chickpeas. As I passed the front counter on my way out, I couldn’t resist the last apricot Danish staring at me from behind the glass. Love at first bite. There is nothing like eating and walking simultaneously. It is as grotesque as it is magical. I finished my Danish before I reached the door to my brownstone and could hear the impatient howl and the discernable pawing at the wooden door frame. I always love being welcomed home by my two favorite creatures.

Below is a description of my natal chart, as promised in my last post. Enjoy!

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About Me

My name is Dr. Kelly Elizabeth York. I am an intuitive astrologer with a PhD in psychology from NYU. I have almost 20 years of experience in the field of astrology. I live in New York City and have lived here most of my life. I write an astrological column, “The Stars,” for Luminary World magazine and am the author of a bestseller, Aspects for the New Millennium. My career is deeply gratifying. This blog is dedicated to my readers and fellow observers of the stars, my children and my late grandmother, Irene.

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