My name is Dr. Kelly Elizabeth York. I am an intuitive astrologer with a PhD in psychology from NYU. I have almost 20 years of experience in the field of astrology. I live in New York City and have lived here most of my life. I write an astrological column, “The Stars,” for Luminary World magazine and am the author of a bestseller, Aspects for the New Millennium. My career is deeply gratifying. This blog is dedicated to my readers and fellow observers of the stars, my children and my late grandmother, Irene. about me kelly york

I was initially encouraged by my publicist to start a blog in order to enter the 21st century. I do, after all, write for a printed magazine—a dying medium, according to my children. Although this blog was meant to mimic my column in Luminary World,I have chosen to engage with readers on a more personal level. I plan to find some extra time between my busy sessions with clients. I promise to write often.

Join me for an astrologer’s perspective on daily life in Manhattan. Besides star gazing and natal charts, I enjoy gardening, baking delectable pastries, collecting antiques and waking up to my furry canine and feline Tauruses, King and Meow. I am eager to share my knowledge of astrological aspects as well as my passions beyond the stars and planets.

My author bio has always been brief, and my writings have never included much information on my personal life. I hate to be referred to as a “celebrity astrologer.” People have been observing the stars since the dawn of humanity. This is an ancient practice, which I find quite humbling.

It would only be appropriate to start from the beginning. I have spent most of my life in Manhattan. Born in upstate New York, I have a limited recollection of my childhood there. I do recall spending long summers rolling on the grass with my father and talking with my mother as I watched her garden. After my parents’ death in a tragic train accident, I was taken in by my mother’s mother, Irene. Many of my clients and readers ask me why I chose to be an astrologer. My late grandmother is the main reason. I was very lucky to have been raised by a woman who wasn’t afraid to open my young mind to new ideas, despite her age. My grandmother was creative and interesting. I miss her dearly. She taught me about the moon and the cyclical nature of life and death to help me cope with my own tragedy. This is why my work has always meant so much to me. I love helping others. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

I rarely share my natal chart, but in the interest of maintaining an earnest relationship with my readers, I thought I would share a brief description of who I am according to the celestial and terrestrial.

I am a Pisces in the 12th house—the house of hidden matters. My ascendant sign is Aries and my moon sign is Capricorn. I am ruled by Mars.

This indicates that I am intuitive and spiritual, constantly tuned in to the emotions of others and concerned with their well-being. I was initially attracted to the field of psychology precisely because of my interest in human emotion. As an intuitive astrologer, I incorporate my knowledge of the celestial world and my skilled observations of human personality and behavior to come up with a clear and precise analysis. I will provide a more detailed analysis of my natal chart in my next post, so be sure to visit again soon.

In addition, I am pleased to announce that each month I will be sharing an astrological analysis of the month on this blog.

Now that you know a bit about me, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment about what you would like me to share on this blog. Don’t forget to note your sun sign, ascendant sign and moon sign, if you know them. I am eager to find out who my readers are.

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