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I had a lovely weekend. After a long afternoon basking in the sunshine with my dear friend Michelle, I stopped by a new café on 3rd Avenue and grazed on a salad of butter lettuce and chickpeas. As I passed the front counter on my way out, I couldn’t resist the last apricot Danish staring at me from behind the glass. Love at first bite. There is nothing like eating and walking simultaneously. It is as grotesque as it is magical. I finished my Danish before I reached the door to my brownstone and could hear the impatient howl and the discernable pawing at the wooden door frame. I always love being welcomed home by my two favorite creatures.

Below is a description of my natal chart, as promised in my last post. Enjoy!
Sun Sign
The sun sign is determined by the position of the sun during the month and day you were born. This sign reflects your personality.
Pisces: This is the 12th sign of the zodiac. Pisces are represented as fish. Like fish, they go with the flow. Their easygoing attitude is complemented by their emotional intuition and dreamy nature. Sensitive and sometimes misunderstood, Pisces are able to adjust to life’s ever-changing current.
Astrological House
The astrological house is determined by the time and date you were born.
12th House: Those who belong to this house are often selfless, compassionate individuals who may work behind the scenes and are involved in “hidden matters.”
Ascendant Sign
The ascendant sign is the rising zodiac sign on the eastern hemisphere at the location and time of your birth. This sign depicts how you want the world to perceive you, your public image.
Ascendant Aries: This sign depicts a public image of competitiveness, a go-getter. But the pressure to win is often self-induced by the rambunctious ram. Independence and leadership are common personality traits.

Moon Sign

The moon sign represents the position of the moon during the time of your birth. Since the moon is in constant motion, your moon sign may be different from your sun sign. This is who you are on a personal level, your self-image, inner qualities and emotions.
Capricorn Moon: These individuals like things done their way. When something goes wrong they are able to keep their external cool, although inside they may be distraught. They place a great deal of emphasis on their misgivings and weaknesses, leading this goat to bang his/her horns against the wall.
Ruling Planet
The ruling planet has a powerful influence over your sun sign. Your ruling planet encompasses your characteristics, temperament and talents.
Ruled by Mars: Mars is as competitive as the ascendant Aries. Those ruled by Mars enjoy life to its fullest. Bravery and problem solving are essential traits of those ruled by Mars.
Now you know a lot more about me from an astrological perspective. I believe you will start to notice some of the aforementioned traits in my posts. The truth is in the stars.
Have you ever had your natal chart analyzed?

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