55 Blog Post 32 Final – Revised

Jeff has been in Los Angeles since mid-August. School started August 25th and we have been Skyping as often as he will permit. USC is on a semester schedule, so Jeff’s school starts more than a month before Julie’s. Last year—his freshman year—I flew out with Jeff. I stayed in a hotel downtown, bought him linens for his dorm room, and took him and his roommate out to dinner. I miss him, but I know he’s happy and settling into his sophomore year.

Early in the summer I asked Julie if she wanted to fly out to Los Angeles with Jeff, but she insisted on staying in New York City a bit longer. UCLA follows a quarterly system; therefore, Julie’s first day of classes is Thursday, October 2nd.

Jack and Julie flew to LA the first week of September. As much as I wanted to go too, I knew how important this was to Jack, so I promised myself I wouldn’t intervene. This will be the longest Julie and I have ever been apart.

The only time I lived on my own was the two years I spent at Northwestern before Jack and I got married. I know how terrified and excited Julie must feel. At least I can rest a little easier knowing her older brother is close by.

Back to reality. I ordered Chinese takeout for me and Emma. I think I hear the deliveryman at the door.

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