HIGHLIGHTS: October brings with it intense energies involving two eclipses. On October 8 we will experience a lunar eclipse in the sign of Aries, and on October 23 there will be a solar eclipse in Scorpio. The Sun and Venus also will enter transformational Scorpio on October 23. If that weren’t enough, the planet Mercury retrogrades on October 4, not to go direct until October 25, providing a chaotic backdrop for much of the month.

For you Libras, in the first three weeks of the month all relationships are emphasized and challenged, and you will experience a heightened sensitivity in pondering political alliances, as well as in evaluating personal friendships and romantic relationships. In general, for all of us, Libran energy stands for cooperative action, harmony, teamwork and impartial attitudes. In our consciousness, the energy of Libra this month will make us long for peace and cooperation. Our tendency will be to want to resolve our problems by arbitration rather than by force.

This month you are asked to rethink, review and revise the most important relationships in your life, but you’ll do well to wait until Mercury retrograde is over. Mercury goes retrograde early in the month on October 4 and doesn’t reverse its motion until October 25. During this time, avoid starting major projects or making significant purchases if possible. This will be an excellent time to reflect on your relationships and creative expression, as well as how your entertainment choices are influencing your consciousness. Intuitive flashes can really flow at this time and may provide important and surprising insights of which you were previously unaware.

On October 8, a full moon eclipse will occur in the sign of Ares, which lends the possibility of embodying our authentic personality to its fullest. We could explore how we might serve society with our individual and unique gifts. Also, with such a powerful experience of self-awareness that this full moon eclipse lends us, we will be able to eliminate those things that don’t serve our evolution.

The Sun enters the intense waters of Scorpio on October 23, the same date as the solar eclipse. Eclipses always signify new beginnings and transformation. Perhaps this month this eclipse is even more transformational because Scorpio is the sign of resurrection, signified by the phoenix, which represents regenerative powers. Intense action, passionate drive, resolute effort, endurance and unflinching courage are basic to the Scorpio nature. For Scorpios, this latter part of the month emphasizes their innate power, which can be likened to that of a seething volcano, impossible to contain.

Interestingly enough, Scorpio likes to hide its emotional depth and passion, and with all of us experiencing the energy of Scorpio at the end of the month, we can enjoy putting on our Halloween costumes to become someone else. The dance of Halloween’s mystery is where Scorpion energy thrives and where it feels right at home.


Giving even more energy to all things Scorpio, Venus, the planet of love, enters Scorpio hand in hand with the Sun on October 23. Significant relationships bound by love could likely experience a positive transformation. Wealth, creation, occult activities, psychology and investigations will be strongly energized at this time. The love of the investigation process is crucial. So dive deeply into the mysterious unknown.


Until next month, remember one KEY to making the unconscious conscious is to face life’s twists and turns through the wisdom of astrology. Carl Jung warned, “Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

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