I’m making preparations to head to St. Louis this week. I’m honoring my mother, Georgia Frontiere, by promoting her book, Horoscope: The Astrology Murders.

You’ve been following the novel’s main character, Dr. Kelly Elizabeth York, on this blog. My mother always had a fascination for astrology and psychology, and I imagine she had an opportunity to explore these two fields throughDr. York’s character.

This book had been a part of my mother’s life—and mine—for years before my mother died in 2008.

We both love to write—and to use our imagination! Mom always encouraged me to be creative. As Mom developed the character of Dr. Kelly York, she would read snippets of the book to me over the phone. I paid back her childhood encouragement as an adult by supporting Mom to keep working on the adventures of a smart, brave, and sensitive woman, like Dr. York, that we could all admire. When Mom got excited, she would spin dinner-party tales of the thrilling adventures of Dr. York. Everyone loved hearing her tell them, including me.

Inher papers, Mom left us Dr. York stories. When my brother, Chip, and I decided we wanted to put the book together, we called in family friend and editor extraordinaire, Mark Bruce Rosin, to edit what we had and transform those notes into a novel. We had an opportunity to collaborate here, too, as all those creative conversations with Mom helped me contribute to the book’s edits.

Creativityran through my mother’s blood. She was born into a show business family in St. Louis. (Grandmother was Miss St. Louis of 1926!) In her early adulthood, Mom had traveled the country and toured with the USO.

Ihave fond memories of the city, too. I spent parts of many childhood summers visiting my family in St. Louis. I’m looking forward to honoring my mother’s legacy in the city she cherished both as a child and as an adult.



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