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A Quick Lunch with Michelle

After attempting to carve out time and failing for almost two weeks, Michelle and I finally got together. We met for lunch at a little café near the hospital. Though we touch base every few days, it had been weeks since we’d seen one another. She, Mark, and their daughter had recently returned from a trip to Minnesota where they had attended the funeral of Michelle’s favorite aunt. I needed to see for myself how my best friend was holding up, and I gave her an extra-long embrace before we found a table among the lunchtime crowd.

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Butter Cookie Strategy

Last Sunday I pulled out my baking supplies and set about to mixing up a batch of my very special butter cookies. If baked just so, they’re the right amount of delectable softness and crumble and the perfect companion to a cup of strong, freshly brewed coffee. When confronted with a challenging new client, I have found that breaking the ice can be made much simpler with a strategically placed plate of butter cookies.

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Pet Guilt

Dogs are funny, tolerant, forgiving creatures, gifts from above and, oh, so understanding. King and I liked to take long leisurely walks together in Central Park. On cool, brisk autumn mornings he’d lead me through shaded trails greeting other pups along the way and fighting the leash to reach the errant squirrel. It’s been days since our last walk together. Emma and Sarah have taking turns of late.

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Lonely Thoughts

After a busy morning meeting two new clients, I took a break for lunch. Feeling particularly alone, I found myself visiting my daughter Julie’s bedroom, and I had to laugh at myself. This is the same behavior I exhibited with some regularity last year after Jeff left home for college. Julie has been gone just a month, and though my work schedule is quite full, the loneliness thickens with each passing day. It’s beginning to envelop me like a slow moving marine layer coming in off the ocean.

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Meet Me in St. Louis

I’m so excited to have arrived in St. Louis, and I’m looking forward to all that awaits me here.

Mom always taught my brother and me to give back. These lessons made an impression on my life, and through Mom’s example, I have made philanthropy part of my life’s philosophy and mission.

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