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Last Sunday I pulled out my baking supplies and set about to mixing up a batch of my very special butter cookies. If baked just so, they’re the right amount of delectable softness and crumble and the perfect companion to a cup of strong, freshly brewed coffee. When confronted with a challenging new client, I have found that breaking the ice can be made much simpler with a strategically placed plate of butter cookies.

My new client, a perfectly lovely young man who a mutual acquaintance recommended me to, believed in the science of psychology but had his doubts about astrology. To help him and do his chart, I, of course, needed specific information—but he refused to cooperate. I then asked Sarah to bring in a plate of cookies and a fresh pot of coffee. She promptly did so while I asked general questions about this client’s family life and career as I waited for the combination of butter, vanilla, coffee, and cream to work its magic.

Sometimes the coziness of a warm mug, patient attentiveness, and melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies is what’s needed to break through resistance to real communication.

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