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Dogs are funny, tolerant, forgiving creatures, gifts from above and, oh, so understanding. King and I liked to take long leisurely walks together in Central Park. On cool, brisk autumn mornings he’d lead me through shaded trails greeting other pups along the way and fighting the leash to reach the errant squirrel. It’s been days since our last walk together. Emma and Sarah have taking turns of late.

Does he miss our walks? Though his affection for me hasn’t waned, I wonder. Do Siberian huskies feel a sense of abandonment? There’s that word—abandonment. I usually avoid thinking about it, knowing how painful that feeling can be. After the death of my parents, it took me a long time to shake my sense of abandonment. I was a child of just nine. They, of course, were not to blame, and it was so long ago that I sometimes wonder why it’s still so present in my mind. I must put it out of my head.

It does, however, make me wonder if my not taking King out for our customary walks could be construed by my otherwise loving and loyal pet as rude and unforgivable.

I must make it up to him. Where are those rawhide chews?

Image courtesy of SOMMAI at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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