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A Surprise Meeting

I ran into my children’s father today; it was quite an unexpected encounter. I was zipping down the street distracted with thoughts of work and wondering how Meow was doing. My cat wasn’t herself all day yesterday. She threw up late last night, waking me out of a sound sleep, and she wouldn’t eat this morning. I was just deciding to call the vet upon my return home when I looked up and saw Jack me on the corner of Broadway and 84th Street, staring right at me.

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Wise Counsel

A few days ago a client expressed great anxiety over a particular turn of events. She felt powerless in the face of a new challenge and anger toward a perceived injustice. When dealing with cases like these, I rely on the wisdom I’ve gathered over my years of practice, the wealth of knowledge I inherited from my grandmother Irene, and the writings of the distinguished psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung.

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55 Blog 42 Final

Thrift Shop Escape

What a hectic week! Besides three new clients, two of my longstanding regulars found themselves in crisis. I agreed to fit them in despite my full schedule and Sarah’s attempt to dissuade me. I rarely comply with Sarah’s request to not overbook myself, particularly for my regulars, so I worked through lunch and extended my workday by an hour three times this week. I do insist that Sarah end her workday at the appointed time; however, she sometimes refuses to comply with my request.

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HIGHLIGHTS: With the sun still blazing in the sign of passionate Scorpio, the Phoenix ushers us into November on All Saints Day. As November dawns, Mercury has been direct for almost a week in Libra and some predictability has returned to our lives. On November 22 the sun leaves Scorpio behind and enters freedom-loving Sagittarius. We are treated to a full moon in loving Taurus on November 6. Also the new moon in Sagittarius on November 22 sets our course toward a newfound optimism and a desire for travel. With Mars and Pluto traveling together in Capricorn all month, some of us may experience an abundance in character strength.

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