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What a hectic week! Besides three new clients, two of my longstanding regulars found themselves in crisis. I agreed to fit them in despite my full schedule and Sarah’s attempt to dissuade me. I rarely comply with Sarah’s request to not overbook myself, particularly for my regulars, so I worked through lunch and extended my workday by an hour three times this week. I do insist that Sarah end her workday at the appointed time; however, she sometimes refuses to comply with my request.

I need to restore myself with a special ritual after such a rush of activity. Crazy as it may sound, one of my favorite diversions is exploring thrift and consignment shops. I can’t fully explain why I find this particular activity relaxing, but I do.

So on Saturday morning I caught the number 1 local to 14th Street, then the L train to 3rd Avenue and my favorite consignment shop in the East Village. The trip gave me ample time to reflect on my week, and only once was I interrupted by a panhandler.

Once in the shop I lost myself in the racks of aged denim jackets and vintage silk blouses. While exploring the offerings I sometimes allow myself to muse on a particular work situation. When I do, I never fail to come up with a creative solution.

Thrift shop excursions are quite the private delight, and I found a beautiful old hand-painted tee I’m going to send to Julie.

Do you have a personal ritual? How do you take care of yourself after a taxing week?

Image courtesy of Feelart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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