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A few days ago a client expressed great anxiety over a particular turn of events. She felt powerless in the face of a new challenge and anger toward a perceived injustice. When dealing with cases like these, I rely on the wisdom I’ve gathered over my years of practice, the wealth of knowledge I inherited from my grandmother Irene, and the writings of the distinguished psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung.

Dr. Jung explored far beyond the boundaries of Western medicine and included the art of astrology as one of his many interests and areas of expertise. He saw the relevance of its ancient wisdom, which was embedded deep within the origins of many ancient cultures.

As a seeker and intuitive, Jung had a great understanding of human behavior; he knew that events were not always as they were perceived by the individual.

I reminded my new client of one of my favorite Jungian quotes: “It all depends on how you look at things, and not how they are in themselves.” I explained to this woman of clear intelligence and sensitivity how important it can be to question our responses to sticky situations. Looking clearly and objectively at our own reactions allows for a new perspective and creative problem solving when we are confronted with difficulties.

I encouraged my patient to explore the writings of Carl Jung. You might want to do that as well; I think you will find much treasure.

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