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A client cancelled this morning. Since she was the only person scheduled for early in the day, I found myself free till well after lunch. So I had a good opportunity to bring some clarity to my office file cabinet.

Emma keeps most everything neat and tidy for me, but the files are my private domain. The only person besides me with access is Sarah, of course. If I get terribly busy with a backlog of charts and the corresponding client analyses to do, I will sometimes ignore the ordered system Sarah maintains and simply front-load the cabinet with the client folders I’m working on so I can easily reach them. I don’t do this often, but when I do, it’s my job to right the ship.

It took me a few minutes longer than I thought it would; more files than I expected needed to be put in their proper places. Putting everything in order, however, gave me an opportunity to look through a number of newer client files, confirm my very first impressions, and add details to my earlier assessments where appropriate.

All in all, today was a morning filled with necessary busy work followed by Emma’s savory chicken salad on toast. And now I’m ready for the afternoon!

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