HIGHLIGHTS: With the sun still blazing in the sign of passionate Scorpio, the Phoenix ushers us into November on All Saints Day. As November dawns, Mercury has been direct for almost a week in Libra and some predictability has returned to our lives. On November 22 the sun leaves Scorpio behind and enters freedom-loving Sagittarius. We are treated to a full moon in loving Taurus on November 6. Also the new moon in Sagittarius on November 22 sets our course toward a newfound optimism and a desire for travel. With Mars and Pluto traveling together in Capricorn all month, some of us may experience an abundance in character strength.

For you Scorpios, changes abound for the first three weeks of November. The Phoenix, the mythical bird that was consumed in the fire of the Sun and rose again from its own ashes, is the symbolic ruler of Scorpio’s creativity. The Phoenix is always rising and falling back again into the underworld, only to rise again and again. It generates transformation, reincarnation and reinvention. The energy for regeneration abounds for us all, not only for Scorpios. Whatever worn-out belief system that needs to die in any of our lives can now finally be put to rest, and like the Phoenix rising, be replaced by a new birth of outlook or approach. Any new endeavor can be born successfully at this time.

On November 6 the moon will be full in the sign of Taurus and will shine its light on the things we love and value. This moon balances the sun’s intense Scorpion energy and helps us assess any remaining destructive patterns that we may harbor toward love and life. If you’re a Scorpio and you feel a tendency toward jealousy and manipulation, these traits are eradicated now through Taurus’s influence. The grounding impact of Taurus enhances our ability to live authentically. Taurus rules and reveals our attitudes toward our outer resources of money, security and pleasure, as well as our attitudes toward our inner resources of talents, gifts and abilities. Our inner and outer alliances and values will align harmoniously as this full moon lights up the night’s sky. Last but not least, this Taurus moon will enhance our ability to finally choose love instead of fear.

On November 22, the sun enters the sign of freewheeling Sagittarius. Under the energy of the centaur-archer man, the symbol for Sagittarius, there is zealous action, idealistic drive, eager effort, positive thought, adventuresome spirit and a philosophical attitude coming into consciousness. In public life, you Sagittarians will thrive in supporting your spiritual concepts and your moral and ethical standards. All of us can greet the world now with more verve and confidence. The new life that Scorpio’s transformational energy spawned in our lives can find expression in the outer world. We can all aim our arrows boldly toward the stars, confident of success. The only caution is to avoid hurrying so much that you overlook the necessary details. Also beware of your optimism leading you into making impulsive decisions.

With the new moon in Sagittarius, our emotional natures can experience the freedom to be true to our own natures. Candor regarding our feelings will be necessary. Free spirits can really let loose under this light, which grows lighter each night for most of the next month. Rigid and sedentary tendencies will tend to be eradicated. Finally our reluctance to plan that travel trip will be lifted and emotional exuberance will rule the day.

We all should be aware that the planets Mars and Pluto travel together in Capricorn all month. Pluto, one of the rulers of Scorpio, represents transformational energy while Mars, another ruler of Scorpio, represents aggressive energy. With this dynamic duo, we likely will experience a newfound strength to take charge and be in control. This month is a perfect time to get organized and use our ambition to accomplish any task necessary.

Until next month, remember one KEY to making the unconscious conscious is to face life’s twists and turns through the wisdom of astrology. Carl Jung warned, “Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

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