Trip to the Met

I’m still deciding whether to go on a date with Rick. Because of the current Mars-Uranus clash, my horoscope for the next few days indicates that I should not be pushed or pressured into anything. I plan to give the option of dating some more thought.

I was on a conference call this morning with Luminary World magazinefor what seemed like hours. After a quick chat with Sarah, I saw a few clients before lunch; then Julie and I visited the Met in the afternoon. A friend of Julie’s had recommended the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit, which was on the ground floor of the museum in the Costume Institute Center. Julie and I had a fabulous time admiring the gorgeous gowns. We especially enjoyed the images of some of the actual pieces that depicted the construction of each gown. The level of detail and creativity was inspiring. Most of the gowns were designed and constructed in the 1940s and ’50s and they were as elaborate as they were elegant. My late grandmother, Irene, used to take me to the Met; she would have loved this exhibit.

Irene admired the golden age of glamour and fashion in New York City. I used to spend hours looking through her old photo albums. She always looked so glamorous in her silks and with her ornate pocketbooks. I have adopted some of Irene’s taste—my closet is full of silk blouses. Irene taught me to surround myself with beautiful things, which is likely where my passion for antiques also comes from.

Feeling glamorous, Julie and I got our nails done and picked up some groceries before heading home. We were lucky to get to the front door minutes before a summer storm rolled in. Time to make some dinner.

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