Blog Post 8-4-14

I was planning to make a quick dinner and stay in tonight, maybe even watch an old film, but Michelle called out of the blue and insisted we go out to dinner. Michelle’s husband, Mark, offered to watch the kids for the evening, and she leapt at the opportunity. Michelle loves the city. Born and raised in a suburb of Duluth, Minnesota, she has always been drawn to the big city like a moth to the light. Growing up in New York City has often made me numb to the city’s intrigue, but I cannot imagine living anywhere else. This city is home.

Although Michelle spends most of her time working as a doctor by day and a mom by night, she often enjoys a night out on the town. A nurse at Michelle’s hospital had recommended a Chinese dumpling house. Before our second plate of dumplings was served, I accidently spilled what seemed like a small saucer of soy sauce on my white blouse and blue jeans. I’m usually not very clumsy, but when Michelle mentioned introducing me to one of her and Mark’s friends, I was caught off guard.

I had dated a friend of theirs for about a year. He was a Scorpio, which ultimately was a good match for my sun in Pisces. We were both passionate and emotional, and we brought out creative aspects in one another. But he wanted to get married and have a child, while I already had teenagers of my own, was busy with my career, and was generally focused on myself. The split was amicable. Ever since my divorce, I’ve found that being happy with myself and not letting my happiness depend on anyone else is most important to me.

After dinner we walked back to the brownstone. Michelle told me that Rick is a doctor who recently moved to the city from Baltimore. She insisted that we would get along. She even found out his sun sign, another Scorpio. I told her that I’m currently too occupied and happy with my work and busy spending time with the kids this summer. I know Michelle means well, so I assured her that I would think about going on a date with him. Michelle reminded me that Rick may be taken by the time I make up my mind.

Are you currently married or dating? If so, how do you find time for yourself?


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