HIGHLIGHTS: Sunny days and happiness abide in this last month of summer. The August sun is in lavish Leo until August 22, when it enters efficient Virgo. The moon is full in Aquarius on August 10, and the new moon enters the sign of Virgo on August 25. Lucky Jupiter and romantic Venus travel together in Leo midmonth. Mercury leaves the creative party in Leo’s lion den on August 16 and enters Virgo, where it feels at home. Mars and Saturn are both moving direct in Scorpio.

For you Leos, in the first three weeks of the month, you should feel a generosity of heart, strong creative energy, and self-confidence. Generally, Leos experience the abundance of life during most of this month. Of course, the rest of you should expect to experience some of this lightness of spirit as well. Leos love to be seen and admired, and with Jupiter in Leo, they shine especially brightly this month. In general, this best growing season of the year helps all of us thrive as the sun in Leo walks in its natural grandeur.

The full Aquarian moon on August 10 showers us with warmth as we feel the need to reach out to friends, near and far. The spirit of good deeds and working for the benefit of humanity should also fill our hearts. Last but not least, any hopes and dreams that are not yet realized in our lives should occupy our thoughts with their possibilities.

A full moon occurs each month when the sun and the moon are in opposition and provides a balance of yang, the masculine sun, and yin, the feminine moon. This month’s full moon balances the strong Leo sun energy of loving self with the Aquarian energy of loving others.

On August 22, when the sun leaves the sign of Leo, a more serious mood will set in. It’s the “back to school” mode for all of us. We all are reminded that we’ve got work to do. For you Virgos, you will bask in task-oriented preparations for the fall. The down-to-earth restoration of order is Virgo’s most satisfying experience. Your organizational skills will thrive even more as the new moon also enters Virgo on August 23.

The new moon can be seen in the night sky as the first visible thin slice of the moon, known as the crescent moon. The sign on the new moon each month dictates the astrological energy that will predominate in everyone’s life for a whole month. When this month’s new moon occurs on August 23 in Virgo, we all will be influenced by Virgo’s tendencies, like feeling duty bound with a newfound sense of responsibility. Our attention to detail will be greater than usual. These noble qualities of the Virgo personality will enhance all of our lives until the next new moon on September 23.

Midmonth, the planets Jupiter and Venus travel together for a few days, showering everyone with the potential of love and pleasure. Great Jupiter, who can represent the husband in a chart, and the goddess of love, Venus, who can symbolize the wife in a chart, are joined together. This attraction can give all of us a chance at love or can enhance the romance in the relationships we already have.

On August 16, when Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Virgo, where it thrives in sound reasoning ability, all of us will find our thinking clearer and our communication skills improved. Misunderstandings have a greater chance of being resolved. Since Mercury is androgynous, it assumes the gender of the sign it occupies. Because Virgo, the virgin, is feminine, Mercury is more in touch with emotions in this sign. Thus, our communications can take place with more feeling during the last half of August.

Speaking of gender, with both Mars and Saturn, which are masculine planets, going direct in Scorpio, we will be keeping it real for the next month and a half. Saturn as a father figure represents discipline and responsibility and gives nothing freely. Mars and Saturn will travel close together the last 10 days of August. Coupled with Mars’s dynamic energy drive, Saturn’s perseverance can bring forth a much-needed reckoning in many of our lives, as well as in the world.

Until next month, remember one KEY to making the unconscious conscious is to face life’s twists and turns through the wisdom of astrology. Carl Jung warned, “Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

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