The past few days have been incredibly busy. My Internet was out for almost 24 hours, so I was unable to submit my column on time. Sarah spent almost an entire day on the phone with the service provider, while I raced to a coffee shop down the street to send my column to Luminary World—a little past deadline.

I have been seeing many of my regular clients this week. After I prepare the first natal chart analysis for new clients, I can usually tell who is going to be a regular and who is simply testing the waters. My intuition is often validated. Those who are drawn to the vastness of the universe and open to its cosmic predictions are the ones who stick around. If a client has any doubts, I often never see that person again.

Once a client’s natal chart has been determined, my regular sessions include monthly astrological aspects analysis, individualized horoscopes, astrological coaching, and relationship compatibility assessments. I especially enjoy astrological coaching since I have the opportunity to utilize and incorporate my education and training in psychology.

I’m careful not to reveal too much information about my personal life to my clients, although I know a great deal about them. This helps me uphold an air of professionalism. On the other hand, this blog has been a wonderful emotional outlet. I’m enjoying this opportunity to share some of myself with the world.


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