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I had an interesting encounter. I’d spent most of the day outside while Jeff and Julie were stuck in front of their computers. Emma and I walked King for several long blocks. Emma and King were tired when we got back to the brownstone, but I felt a sudden burst of energy. Without giving it much thought, I pulled my old bicycle from its home in the garage and decided to take it for a spin. I rode toward downtown, through Lennox Hill and Midtown, looping through Central Park and ending up on the Upper West Side. Before I could even fathom the thought of seeing my ex-husband, there he was, sitting at a café with a young woman who is maybe five years older than Julie.

Curiosity and adrenaline propelled me toward them. I started to ride casually by, but almost instantly I heard Jack’s voice calling my name. We’ve been divorced a long time, and although we’re kind and civil to one another, we simply do not have much in common other than our children. My last encounter with Jack was at Julie’s high school graduation in June.

I stopped my bike and Jack introduced me to Susan. Susan is gorgeous and sweet, and Jack’s green eyes lit up every time she smiled; that alone was enough for me to be happy for them. Julie and Jeff haven’t mentioned Susan—I wonder if they’re concerned that the news would upset me. In all honesty, seeing Jack happy with another woman was a relief. It took me many years to accept my jealousy and anger, emotions which ultimately led to our divorce. Now I love not being tied down to a man. I also love my career and the opportunity I have to help others. I wouldn’t trade the path I followed for anything in the world.

Jack and I had met while in college at Northwestern. He was the star quarterback, tall and handsome. I was young and basking in my freedom, which didn’t last long; before I turned 21, Jack and I were married with two babies. He was my first love.

Once Jack was drafted to the NY Jets, I realized I could no longer bear the jealousy I was feeling, although that jealousy turned out to be justified. The truth was apparent and led to our inevitable separation. Jeff was a year and a half and Julie was only 4 months old when I left Jack. I was so grateful for my grandmother, who took us in. The brownstone has always been my refuge.

Jeff and Julie are constant reminders of Jack with their tall, lean physiques and thick jet-black hair. Jack has since retired from football and is now CEO of a major pharmaceutical company, Gemma Pharmaceuticals. An unpredictable Aquarius, Jack is always looking for a challenge and a new obstacle, and I am not at all surprised by his success.

After running into Jack and Susan, I think I’ve officially decided to meet Michelle’s Scorpio doctor friend. Why not?Although I have found happiness in my independence, why shouldn’t I take a risk and meet someone new?


Have you ever been on a blind date?

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