Blog Post 8-29-14

I really enjoy gardening; it’s a passion I shared with my grandmother. Now that my migraine is gone, I’ve been able to spend at least an hour every day in my garden and greenhouse. Sarah’s father, Sam, built my beloved greenhouse, which was Grandma Irene’s dream. Together Grandma and I planted dozens of flowers. I can clearly recall her sitting in her wheelchair in the garden while Rose braided Sarah’s long hair and Sam pieced together the greenhouse’s structure. Grandma would watch Sam eagerly and list all the flowers she was going to raise. We ended up growing them all.

Running my fingers through the soil is so calming, so relaxing, as if I’m meditating. Pisces are known to be spiritual beings, and although I’m not the most religious, I do feel a strong connection to the earth. I seem to draw energy from the plants like they draw energy from the sun. Gardening was always therapeutic for my grandmother. We made sure we always had plenty of potted plants for her to tend to.

It had taken me many months of tending my rose bushes before I was able to successfully grow Zephirine Drouhins— gorgeous pink roses that smell wonderful and have no thorns. My grandmother would have loved them. This week I cut a bouquet for Sarah to take home.

My trick to preserving fresh flowers is to wrap the cut stems with a wet paper towel and then loosely put a rubber band around the bouquet. This preserves their freshness.

Do you garden? If so, what do you grow?

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