Jeff and Julie have been raving about Jack and Susan. It sounds like they had a wonderful time in Montauk. I’m glad that they have such a good relationship with their father. The photos Julie showed me of them on the beach reminded me of our summer trips to Cape Cod. Jeff and Julie would spend hours constructing the perfect sand castle, while I would run along the water with King by my side. And I loved the warm summer nights enjoying popsicles on the porch with my children.

I assume that some women might feel jealous, but, in all honesty, I do not. I’m happy for them and pleased that Jeff and Julie like spending time with their father. As a young single mother, I was concerned that Jack would somehow fall off their radar, but he never did.

Despite Jack’s missteps, which led to our divorce, he has remained loyal and loving to our children, and for that I’m grateful. Separately Jack and I ended up instilling in our children the same values of responsibility, compassion, and self-worth. No wonder Jeff and Julie are both hard at work this summer and will be attending prestigious California universities in the fall. I couldn’t be more proud.

I was going through my jewelry today and found a gorgeous aquamarine-encrusted bracelet that belonged to my mother. I have always felt a close connection with this particular piece of jewelry, not only because it was my mother’s but also because it is my birthstone. I rarely have an occasion to wear it, but I’ve decided to wear it out to dinner tonight with blue jeans. There is something so comforting about this bracelet, as if my mother is with me. Since I grew up without parents, although Jack and I are divorced, I am so happy my children have both a mother and a father to love and nurture to them.

What are your favorite family activities?

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