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I ended up running late to Michelle’s because my oven took longer than expected to preheat. As soon as my butter cookies were cool, I jumped in a cab and headed to the party. Michelle’s kids were visiting their grandparents in Minnesota, and she and Mark seemed relieved to have some time to do as they pleased.

I immediately spotted Rick, and I couldn’t believe Michelle hadn’t told me that he would be there. I have been avoiding his phone calls. For whatever reason, it didn’t occur to me that I might run into him.

Mark’s friends and their beautiful wives surrounded Michelle for most of the afternoon, so I mingled, ate a turkey burger, and discussed my column with one of Mark’s editors. Mark and Michelle apologized for not letting me know that Rick was coming. They had been so swept up with getting the kids to Minnesota that they simply forgot.

Seeing Rick was important because it verified my general disinterest. I want to be with someone who, besides being smart, interesting, and attractive, is passionate and fulfilled by his work. Although Rick is proud to be a doctor, he looks at his career as more of a series of stepping-stones to success than as an opportunity to genuinely help other people; it’s a means to an end. I want to be with a man who is compassionate, psychologically oriented, and interested in why people do what they do. I’m glad I ran into Rick; I was using his height as an excuse. Ultimately, I was disinterested for other reasons, and seeing him again helped me come to terms with what I’m truly looking for in a relationship.

With my moon in Capricorn, I have a tendency to lack emotional spontaneity when it comes to relationships. This leads me to focus less on relationships and more on my career advancement, so I find it difficult to see where things go wrong because of my career-driven personality.

I am not sure if I’m looking for a relationship, and yet I’m not opposed to meeting someone. I think, however, that I may be too old for blind dates.

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