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I had such fun with Sarah’s parents, Rose and Sam, at Sarah’s recital the other night. Sarah performed Antonin Dvorák’s String Quartet no. 12 in F major (“American”) with a small group of talented musicians. The music was wonderful, and everyone in the audience was entranced. We had a great time even, though the air conditioner couldn’t keep the small venue cool. The heat has been unbearable lately, and thunderstorms have been abundant and unpredictable. We were caught in a downpour while heading to dinner in Soho. Compared with the humidity, however, the rain was refreshing and a pleasant surprise.

Sam and Rose make a great couple. I have wonderful memories of Sam building my grandmother’s greenhouse and of Rose being loving and patient with me. When my grandmother was dealing with MS, Rose often stepped in as a rational figure in my emotionally ruled adolescence. Rose insisted I be more practical and organized before acting on my emotions; she taught me rationality. I genuinely believe Rose helped instill in me a practical work ethic that has led to my fulfilling career.

Sarah’s violin is demanding more and more of her time. Her talent and passion for music are apparent to anyone who has attended one of her performances. I wonder how long it will be before her career as a violinist takes off.  She is truly the best assistant—professional, smart, loyal, and kind—and I’m not sure what I’ll do without her. I hope she will find great joy and internal fulfillment in her work.

What fulfills you?

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