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Jack and I have always encouraged Jeff and Julie to work hard and learn the true value of a dollar. We have always agreed on this matter. Jeff was a busy football player in high school, but he walked dogs in his spare time for extra cash. Like her brother, Julie was athletic, and she spent most of her time at swim practice. But that did not stop her from babysitting on the weekends.

I see a lot of myself in my children. Sure, their athleticism is derived from Jack’s gene pool, but I like to believe that their love for animals and helping others comes from me.

Jeff will be working in an entry-level sales position at Jack’s company, Gemma Pharmaceuticals, for the remainder of the summer. It may not be his favorite line of work, but everyone needs to start somewhere.

Julie wasn’t entirely sure what type of job she was looking for. After applying at a few shops on Spring Street, she was offered a commission-based sales position at a high-end shoe boutique. Julie was about to accept the offer, but then she unexpectedly landed a summer internship position at a day care center in Midtown. I am so thrilled. As a teen, I spent a summer working at a department store perfume counter, and I was bored out of my mind. I can see Julie as a kindergarten teacher; she’s just phenomenal with children.

I am very proud of my children for their commitment and sense of responsibility. I love them dearly.

What was your first summer job?


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