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Rick and I met in front of my brownstone and shared a cab to an Italian restaurant as old as Little Italy. Dinner was delicious; we split a gourmet pizza covered with artichoke hearts. Rick was truly a gentleman, kind and loaded with questions. His interest in me was immediately apparent. When I caught him staring at my Pisces necklace, I inquired about his astrological knowledge. Unlike most men I meet, Rick is interested and knowledgeable. He even knows his moon sign, Aries, and his ascendant rising sign, Gemini. I was impressed. He insisted we order the decadent tiramisu for dessert, which we finished completely. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation over dinner.

After dinner we took a long walk, and I soon began to realize that although I was having a wonderful time, I was not physically attracted to Rick. He is shorter than I am, which Michelle had failed to mention. I was wearing three-inch heels, but I could tell that even if I took off my shoes, I would still be taller than Rick. We walked hand in hand, and not a single zap of energy passed between us. I found that surprisingly upsetting. As independent as I may be, I often do enjoy affection. I could tell that Rick was attracted to me; he even invited me to his apartment in Soho for a drink, but I graciously denied.

When Michelle called the next day to check in on how the date went, I felt guilty telling her the truth. Attraction is not just intuitive and psychological, it’s physical as well. Couples that have been together for a long time often overlook this. Attraction can fade. Although I’m still attracted to Jack (and always have been), and I can tell he’s still attracted to me, the emotional connection is long gone. He is the father of my children and nothing more. Emotional attraction, physical attraction, and inherent personality traits must all align for the ideal match.

I am glad I took a risk and met Rick. I had fun stepping out of my comfort zone for a few hours. It was refreshing. I’m open to meeting someone new, but it’s simply not a priority. I don’t need a man to be happy.

Have you ever been on a terrific date that lacked physical chemistry? Did you test the waters or abandon ship?


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