Jeff is out on a date. Earlier, he, Julie, and I spent the afternoon picnicking in Central Park. King was thrilled to be out on the town. Emma and I take him on long walks every now and then, but a picnic in Central Park was special. I was transported to another time—when the kids were younger and King was only a pup. We spent hours riding our bikes or playing catch—no matter the activity, we always had a great time.

It fascinates me how fast Jeff has turned into a Californian. The rain rolled in unexpectedly, and I couldn’t believe how quickly he retreated to shelter, while Julie and I quietly collected our things and let our hair dampen. I have been to California only a handful of times. I cannot imagine living in a world without seasons. Fall and winter in New York City are often brutal but gorgeous—my favorite time of year to bake desserts and work on a book.

I am actually running a little late. Sarah, my assistant and friend, is a brilliant violinist. I have attended every one of her performances. This evening she will be performing Mozart’s “The Hunt” as part of a string quartet in a small venue downtown. Julie and I are meeting Sarah’s parents there. Sam and Rose are old friends. Rose was my grandmother’s nurse after she was diagnosed with MS, and Sam is an excellent handyman who built my beloved greenhouse.

Julie is ready to go, looking lovely in a white blouse and peach skirt. I told her I’d be down in a few minutes. Emma steamed my green silk dress, which is waiting for me on my bed. Luckily, my makeup is done. So all I have to do is step away from the computer and slip on my dress and silver Pisces necklace—two delicate fish floating side by side.

I would love to hear about your plans for the evening.

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